The co-founder of the brand, Ömür Gültepe is an abstract expressionist painter, as well as the owner and the designer of a decorative art brand. The other founding partner, Tuğçe Tangur is a Marketing & Communications professional and owns a design agency where she is also the creative director.

Definition of Füu-tursuz!

is to be reckless and carefree. To us Füu-tursuz! was founded with a dream of becoming a lifestyle brand that is inviting and life creating through the eyes of schedule that is wearing the product. As you embark on your life journey, we would like to be there together we want to be there to inspire you. We intertwine our lifestyles, emotions and individual lesson together with art and creative designs that will spice up the world. We want everyone to have their own rules and will reflect from where they feel best. Free of identities and genders unorthodox and passionate. We went to a while courage to make you. The person you were always wanted to be by existing beyond limitations and embracing and claiming your identity.

Welcome to the Füu-tursuz world!